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Admin| Posted at 08/08/2018 01:30 PM

Just add 3GBP / 5EUR to your monthly subscription and you can access ALL the movie titles available in the KBO Unlimited Channel with no limits! This add-on is available on all IPTV packages (Lite, Premium and Platinum) until December 31, 2018. Call Telesales 00 800 7868 4535 to activate KBO unlimited channel!



1. Is there a limit to the number of movies that will be listed on the PPV Unlimited Channel? If yes, how many?

There will be no limit to the number of movies one can avail once subscribed to the Kapamilya Box Office Unlimited Channel add-on. Whatever is included in the PPV movie line-up while their add-on is active, customers can avail. Customers can even watch the title numerous times if they wish (as opposed to the current offering where you buy a title once and it will be active for only 24 hours).


2. Will the additional movie be appended when added or will there be a need to remove an old movie in order to add a new one (maximum number of movies on the channel)?

Whatever PPV movie titles are available for ala-carte under KBO Movies for Rent, it’s the same for the KBO Unlimited Channel. We have a mix of old and new titles that we refresh monthly. The main benefit of subscribing to the KBO Unlimited Channel is that customers don’t need to pay on a per-view basis. They can watch as much times and as much titles as they want as long as it’s in the menu during the period of their subscription.


3. Is there a schedule as to when the movie line up will be updated?

Our PPV menu is refreshed monthly (every first week of the month). The offering is also aired on IPTV across the region.


4. If customer paid for an annual subscription fee (e.g. outright fee is paid amounting to 209 GBP for premium subscription in the UK), will the customer also pay 3 GBP/5 GBP multiplied by 11 months?

The KBO Unlimited Channel add-on rate is discounted already. If the customer wishes to avail of annual outright subscription and the Unli PPV add-on, we compute this as annual outright fee + (3gbp/5eur x 12 months KBO Unlimited Channel add-on subscription fee).


5. If subscriber is within an annual subscription and would like to avail of the KBO subscription within the subscription period of the current plan, how much will he pay for the add-on item?

Customer will pay add-on item fee multiplied by the remaining period of the current subscription plan.



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