John Lloyd's role in 'The Mistress' was originally intended for Derek

Admin| Posted at 17/05/2018 05:30 AM

Probably one of the most daring John Lloyd-Bea films, 'The Mistress' broke box-office records and won various awards making it one of the most notable works of the perennial love team. But, did you know that John Lloyd's role, JD, was originally written for Derek Ramsay?

In her interview on 'Tonight with Boy Abunda', Bea shared how she felt when Derek left, 5 to 6 days into the shoot, without even talking to her.


No wonder Derek said this during the Grand Media Launch of their new movie: "I know may utang ako kay Bea kasi medyo tinakbuhan ko siya last time."

While John Lloyd was able to give justice to the role and make the character his own, fans are still wondering about what could have been. Though a remake of 'The Mistress' is out of the question right now, Bea and Derek gave us a glimpse into what we may have missed through Star Cinema's 25th Anniversary offering, Kasal (The Wedding).



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