Be ready for another week of awesome adventures and experiences!

Danica Landicho| Posted at 04/07/2018 11:30 AM

As the last week of June passes, we will give you exciting and thrilling adventures to try and learn from! Get pumped up on a sport activity, grab that burger you’ve always craved for, listen to a goal-oriented father, and start to plan for your future! We invite you to get up, and do new things as another month of the year ends!


Bounce for your heart

Jumpstart your day by giving all your energy out at Abu Dhabi’s largest trampoline facility, Bounce! This recreational place offers different facilities that will reveal your flexibility! Your simple jumps at Bounce strengthen your cardiovascular fitness and even to your bones! Get healthy while having fun, K-tizens! Catch the full daily episode here.


Big Bite!

In our #EatsTuesday episode, RK Rico brought us to the best burger joint in Al Khobar! Now, who doesn’t love burgers? Burger Chef offers the best burgers in town! Their burger patties are sure to be 100% angus beef mixed with their special secret sauce that results to a mouthwatering big burger! Juicy, healthy, and tasty are the words to best describe this burger joint! Have a big bite, k-tizens! Catch the full daily episode here.



It’s all about fate

We knew the story of our featured K-tizen, Wilfred Zamora from Dubai, UAE. This hardworking dad showed to us that sometimes fate works better than your plans. He started his whole journey abroad as a husband and eventually, as a father to his two children. Truly, when fate leads us to a new direction, all we have to do is believe in it, and trust ourselves that we can dance in the rain. Catch the full daily episode here.


Get your eyes on the goal

To be a father, you should know how to set your priorities and goals for yourself and for your family. That is the lesson we have learned from our featured daddy k-tizen, Wilfred Zamora. In our #TakeMeBackThursday episode, Wildred brought us to Al Boom Cultural Village, his favorite place to relax. We have truly learned a lot of things from our featured K-tizen this week! Catch the full daily episode here.


Trainors on the go!

Helping our OFWs abroad has always been a life mission for our government. The TRAINORS Organization Riyadh in partnership with Philippine Embassy and POLO-OWWA offer different educational programs to our OFWs in Riyadh. In here, they get the chance to try new skills and even plan for their future business in case they plan to return to Philippines. Go for the gold, Trainors Organization! Catch the full daily episode here.

Even if another month ends, we still have a lot more months to spend together. And this month is no different from the other because we have shared, yet again, meaningful and fun moments together! Keep holding on and never lose us in your daily dose of happiness!

Stay tuned next week for our next Top Happenings!

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