Let’s start making our choices this August, K-tizens!

Danica Landicho| Posted at 07/08/2018 04:30 AM

This week, we’re going to impart with you stories that will strengthen yourselves. You will learn that everything that you want in your life, depends on how you think of it, and how you create your path towards your goal. From learning which lessons to take, to deciding where to go for travel, to choosing where to eat, and even until knowing what risks to take in life, everything is your choice, K-tizens! 


Dazzling Dublin, Ireland

Discover the stunning and dazzling city of Dublin, Ireland! Let us take a stroll into the world’s most expensive city together with RK Grace. As we stroll through the city, we were entertained by the street buskers, and felt amused of their historic figures and wondrous streets! Traveling never gets old with RK Grace! Catch the full daily episode here.



Makati meets Dublin

The busy and famous Makati of the Philippines finally reached the city of Dublin! Makati Avenue serves the best authentic Filipino food in Ireland! Feel the hospitality of their Filipino waiters. Your visit in this restaurant won’t be complete without trying their recipes such as beef steak, kare-kare, palabok, sisig, and a whole lot more!  Catch the full daily episode here.




Ingredients for Success

It is not enough that you dream only, K-tizens, you should also work for your dreams to come true! This is the lesson we got from our featured K-tizen chef, TJ Anglo Jr. His life in Paris started out with a dream of being a head chef. When the opportunity knocked on him, he immediately grabbed it and started to focus on his path towards fulfilling his dreams! Now, that’s what you call a dream come true!  Catch the full daily episode here.



Tough Chef

Nothing is truly easy in life especially when you leave your home. When you begin a new journey alone in an unfamiliar place, that’s when you should tell yourself that being strong is the only option you’ve got to choose for you to survive. Chef TJ’s story proves that tough times reveal Tough Chefs.  Catch the full daily episode here.



Young, smart, and free

Ang Kabataan Organization in Barcelona, Spain aims to shape the young minds of the Filipino Youth! They introduce the Filipino culture to the kids so they won’t forget who they are, where their home land is even if they are thousand miles away from home! Catch the full daily episode here.

From this week, we knew that Dublin City in Ireland was an incredible place to go to and experience their culture. Who also knew that Filipino food could reach there? We were tough enough to listen to a K-tizen’s story of survival and achieving his dreams.  And lastly, young kids were given the chance to know their culture early enough. All of these are stories. Stories that make you want to explore, stories that will fill your tummies, stories that will reveal the strong person in you, and stories of children learning what they should know. But before these stories were made, it was an option to choose from, which turned out to be decisions from a person’s choice.

We’ll continue to give you stories, and you decide which one to learn from, K-tizens!

Stay tuned next week for our next Top Happenings!

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