Chicken inihaw to the bones!

Aaron Dale Miranda| Posted at 08/08/2018 09:30 AM

They say travelling is most fun when we also eat the locals’ favorites. That is why we are very adventurous when it comes to tasting different food. But we just can’t keep our hands off from Filipino classics. That is why we are adding another itinerary on your list to ease up your palate tensions!

From the City of Smiles to ground zero of Abu Dhabi, Bacolod Lechon Manok and Inasal restaurant is ready to serve you!


You can find this new hunt just along Airport Road, Al Karamah, Abu Dhabi, UAE. If you happen to be around this area, this is a definite go-to Pinoy food place.


The secret behind the famous recipe of chicken inasal and lechon manok lies on the innovative minds of Pinoy business partners Jay Macatangay and Ronaldo Gervacio. They have thought of bringing the famous slowly-grilled chicken barbeque for their fellow kababayans in Abu Dhabi.  


Once you enter their restaurant, it will feel like you’ve been teleported to the beautiful region of Visayas because of their feel-at-home vibes interior. And all that is left is your hungry tummy to be filled from their menu!


Their chicken on stick is rich in charcoal-grilled goodness and is more perfect when paired with their soup called “kansi” (Bulalo-Sinigang combination). Once you taste their specialties, your Ilonggo-styled meal for the day is solved. More than that, they have an unli rice offer for your feast-ready tables!

Maybe it is true when they say that Filipino food is invading the world. This proves that wherever you go, Bacolod’s pride is just near from the gates of Abu Dhabi. Make sure to bookmark this food place on your next travel and food trip list.

Bacolod Lechon Manok and Inasal Restaurant is certified K World Top Picks!


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