Food that makes you go “Mmmmm”

Aaron Dale Miranda| Posted at 12/07/2018 08:30 AM

Eating out with our fellow kababayans is always on the list of every plan we write down. It is just so hard to resist the temptation of tasting authentic recipes back home.

We have found another haven for your taste buds at the heart of Qatar!


Miyah’s Lechon Manok has been serving every Filipinos in Qatar their favorite specialties from the Philippines since January 2018.


The restaurant is managed by Filipino owners Michael Sacdalan and Manuel Atienza. They caught the hearts of every Pinoy with their guilt-free recipes.


Each lechon manok is perfectly marinated and slowly cooked to ensure the juiciness. They also have authentic Batangas lomi that will warm the hearts of everyone.


Truly, when you eat in Miyah’s Lechon Manok Restaurant, the flavors of their food will make you sing your spirit out. Relive the colorful fiestas in the Philippines with every bite from Miyah’s best sellers! Hang out, eat, and talk with your friends as you have your home-cooked specials at the center of your table.

Miyah’s Lechon Manok Restaurant is certified K-World Top Picks!


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