Asian food cuisine at it's finest!

Danica Landicho| Posted at 06/06/2018 02:30 AM

There are times when we really need to reward ourselves with good food especially when we are crazy busy with work. Good food plus good ambiance is the perfect combination that we need to get our much-needed break! And of course, we’ve found the best spot for you to dine, K-tizen!

Treat yourself at La Servan Restaurant located at the heart of Paris!



La Servan Restaurant is owned by two Filipino sisters, Tatiana and Katia Levha. It all started with their passion for cooking and for wanting to set up a place where people can be comfortable with while they are eating.



The restaurant serves French cuisine with a mix of Asian flavors; you’ve got to try their mouthwatering dishes! It’s all cooked perfectly to satisfy your taste buds!





Aside from their delectable meals, the “chill” ambiance of this place will definitely calm you and let you enjoy your food with a good wine!



Know when to visit La Servan Restaurant with their Restaurant Hours:

    MONDAY – 17 H 30

    TUESDAY – 10:30/11 AM, 15 H

    WEDNESDAY MORNING – 10:30/11 AM, 15 H

The next time you feel hungry, reward yourself with good food to lighten up your day! Visit La Servan Restaurant and have the ultimate dining experience that’s worth your every penny!

La Servan Restaurant is a certified K World Top Picks!


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