It’s the celebration of Father’s Day, K-tizens! Let’s look back as we bring you stories to celebrate with your fathers!

Danica Landicho| Posted at 21/06/2018 03:30 AM

Let’s have Father and children bonding this week! Have a stroll in the park and treat your dad at a Pinoy restaurant! This week wouldn’t be complete without an inspiring story of a father who works for his family. All of that and more as we look back on our last week’s episode!

Mini France

Take your #TravelGoals into a unique and different level! Explore France Miniature Park and discover everything that France has to offer! This 500-hectare land covers the total of almost one hundred (100) monuments that you could visit in France! Feel as if you’re in every landmark in France and take that selfie shot! Catch the full daily episode here.

Pinoy Food in Germany

Our all-time favorite Pinoy dishes have reached in Germany! We discovered in our #EatsTuesday episode last week the “Pinoy Restaurant”, a food place that will bring you the feeling of home because of all the food that they serve! Relive our culture’s favorite dishes even if you’re far from home! Catch the full daily episode here.


Love, Daddy Dante

In celebration of Father’s Day, we heard the story of our featured K-tizen, Daddy Dante Muhi who’s working in Saudi Arabia for 26 years. He went abroad to help his family’s living. Being away from his family for long, Daddy Dante reminds his fellow OFW fathers to keep working hard and maintain constant communication with their children to keep the connection between them. Catch the full daily episode here.


A Father who’s far away

No matter how long the distance may be, and no matter how days seem to pass slowly, a father who is far away never runs out of love to give. Dante Muhi, our featured K-tizen, Daddy Dante proves to us that a father sacrifice will be worth it, especially if done for his family. Happy Father’s Day, Daddy Dante! Catch the full daily episode here.


Kick High, Aim High!

In our #FridayTroupe episode, we saw the future of our Pinoy athletes in Saudi Arabia! The AAIS Lions Taekwondo Club is a group that aims to strengthen the confidence and prepare individual athletes to compete in international competitions! This group believes that we, Pinoys, have what it takes to be champion athletes! Catch the full daily episode here.


Sometimes, what really matter are not the material things we give to our loved ones, what’s even more important is the strong bond and connection, the experience and feeling of being together in places you go to, with the food you share, and with stories you tell together. Let’s make our bonds stronger than ever with our loved ones, K-tizens! We’ll take care of the places, food, stories, and activities for you, but be sure to never miss out on all of these together with your family and friends! Continue to explore and make more memories together!

Stay tuned next week for our next Top Happenings!

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