We’ll bring you nothing but good vibes at the start of June!

Danica Landicho| Posted at 12/06/2018 03:30 AM

It’s the start of June and we’re bringing you to the best places and stories that will surely make you overflow with #joy! Let’s take a look back at our episodes last week!

Work those muscles out!

We’ve found the best place for your work out, K-tizens! Last #ChoosyMonday episode, RK Rico had an intense work out at Al Khobar’s biggest sports center, the Laith Sports Center! They’ve got the facilities, equipment, and other sports activities! You can also cool down by having a massage after your intense workout. Surely, this is the spot to achieve your #BodyGoals! Catch the full daily episode here.


La Paz Batchoy in Riyadh!

Who would have thought that the Filipino’s favorite La Paz Batchoy could also reach Riyadh? Together with RK Jhulsan and RK Francis, we have visited the La Paz Batchoy Restaurant. Not only does this Restaurant offers the best tasting La Paz Batchoy, but it’ll also serve us with other Filipino food treats! Try also their Bulalo, Sizzling Sinigang na Hipon, Sizzling sisig, and many more! Catch the full daily episode here.


The Prince of Beads

We met our featured K-tizen, Amir Sali, a successful fashion designer who once worked in Saudi Arabia. His journey to success was something that all of us can learn from. The young boy in Mindanao has grown to be a famous fashion designer and now named as the Prince of Beads! Catch the full daily episode here.


Happiness is the Key

“It’s very difficult when you have everything, but you don’t know how to smile.” These are the words from our featured K-tizen, Amir Sali that we will never forget. For him, loving what you do and being happy with everything that you have is the key to success. We’ll learn from you, Amir! Catch the full daily episode here.


Together, let’s read

For our #FridayTroupe episode, we witnessed the Qur’an Reading Contest organized by the Council of Filipino Muslim Elders. This organization aims to uphold the unity and camaraderie between the tribes and members of the group. The group also aims to bring the Filipino Muslim Community together in the season of Ramadan. Catch the full daily episode here.

Pinoy element is everywhere, K-tizens! Wherever you may be, there’s always something that will bind us together and make us all proud of being Pinoy! We are proud to share with you stories that are definitely inspiring and worth knowing.  Be sure to catch us always for your daily dose of fun and life lessons! Only here where everything is K-amazing! —K World!

Stay tuned next week for our next Top Happenings!


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