Kilalanin ang limang mandirigmang lalaban para sa Sansinukob

Betty Bondoc| Posted at 28/02/2018 11:30 AM

ABS-CBN's new fantasy series, Bagani, has been a hot topic online drawing a lot interest for its setting and storyline. From the series of trailers (link to Youtube) that has been released over the last couple of weeks, here's what we know so far.

Bagani is set in the fictional Sansinukob, composed of people from five different regions: TagaDisyerto, TagaPatag, TagaKalakal, TagaLaot and TagaGubat. While it initially appeared to be about the struggles and conflicts among these five clans, it seems like something darker and bigger is looming over Sansinukob which forces the five regions to set aside their differences and fight as one.


In one of the trailers, we see two higher beings (played by Deither Ocampo and Ryan Eigenmann) looking upon the whole of Sansinukob. The two gods are in conflict as Eigenmann's character wants to be recognized and worshipped by instilling fear among the mortals while Ocampo's character wants to let them be.

This is where we meet our five warriors: Lakas (Enrique Gil), Ganda (Liza Soberano), Lakam (Mateo Guidicalli), Mayari (Sofia Andres) and Dumakulem (Makisig Morales).


1. Lakas, mula sa rehiyon ng mga TagaDisyerto

The son of a mandirigma, Agos (Albert Martinez), and a maharlika, Lila (Ana Abad-Santos), Lakas came from the region of the desert people who are known as warriors and thieves. With his parents' forbidden affair causing their clan to be cast out from their original dwelling, some people held a grudge against their family, including Dakim (Christian Vasquez) who we see killing Agos in one scene.


Years later, Dakim, now the leader of the desert people, recruits Lakas as one of his warriors in exchange of Lila's peaceful life. With their mission to rule over the TagaPatag, we see Lakas going to their region, training and spending time with them in what appeared to be a ploy to earn their trust. With the success of the TagaDisyerto's mission, Lakas earns the title of a traitor.


2. Ganda, mula sa rehiyon ng mga TagaPatag

The sister of queen Dilag (Precious Lara Quigaman), Ganda hails from the region of farmers. When their lack of fighting skills made them an easy target of thieves, queen Dilag decides to make an alliance with the leader of the TagaKalal -- using Ganda as the "sacrifice." After an encounter with Lakas, she enlists his help to train their clan for combat.


3. Lakam, mula sa rehiyon ng mga TagaKalakal

The son of the traders' leader, Ama (Robert Seña), Lakam (Matteo Guidicelli) belongs to the most powerful clan in Sansinukob. His father makes an alliance with the TagaPatag by betrothing him to Ganda. With many people casting doubt over his skills, he goes to great lengths to prove his worth.


4. Marayi, mula sa rehiyon ng mga TagaLaot

A slave from the region of sea dwellers, she falls in love with their leader, Datu (Enzo Pineda). When Datu gets attacked by unknown men, Marayi steps up to save him.


5. Dumakulem, mula sa rehiyon ng mga TagaGubat

From the region of the hunters, Dumakulem's world is shaken by the attacks they initially thought were from the TagaLaot. Later on, they realized that their enemies are bigger than what they originally thought.


The five warriors join forces to fight for Sansinukob. But with the internal conflicts and struggles within their clans, will they stand a chance against the bigger enemy?

Catch Bagani on TFC, IPTV and TFC Online beginning March 5. Click here to watch it on TFC Online.



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