Which Kathryn character do you love most?

Betty Bondoc| Posted at 16/08/2017 07:30 AM

We've asked fans about their favorite characters portrayed by Kathryn Bernardo and we're quite surprised with the results. Do you remember these roles played by Kath?

#5 Maya, Super Inggo (2006)

This was Kathryn's first main role on TV. The then 10-year-old Kath played Maya, the super kikay love interest a.k.a. "babes" of the main character Budong / Super Inggo (Makisig Morales).


#4 Athena, She's Dating the Gangster (2014)

Remember "my sexy love?" Kathryn played the role of the young Athena Dizon (Dawn Zulueta) who had the most bittersweet love story with Kenji delos Reyes (Daniel Padilla / Richard Gomez). They're heartwarming portrayals left viewers yearning for their own great loves.


#3 Chichay, Got to Believe (2013)

"Sorry pooooo." In this series, Kathryn played the role of the ever bubbly Chichay, the care bear of the Tampipi family. She will do anything for family, even working as a maid for the Manansalas where she meets and later falls in love with Joaquin (Daniel Padilla), the angsty rebel with a cause who has been over protected and sheltered all his life.


#2 Mikay, Princess and I (2012)

In Princess and I, Kathryn played the role of Mikay, adopted daughter of a Filipino family headed by Dinoy Maghirang (Dominic Ochoa). In reality, she is actually Princess Areeyah, only daughter of King Anand (Albert Martinez) and Queen Isabel (Precious Lara Quigaman), of the Kingdom of Yangdon. She was in a love rectangle (yep, not triangle, haba ng hair!) with an arrogant schoolmate Gino (Daniel Padilla), another royalty Dasho Jao (Enrique Gil) and her bestfriend Kiko (Khalil Ramos).


#1 Mara, Mara Clara (2010)

In the remake of the 1992 classic, Mara Clara, Kathryn played the role of Mara (originally played by Judy Ann Santos), daughter of the rich del Valles swapped with another baby, Clara (played by Julia Montes in the remake and Gladys Reyes in the original), at birth. This role is probably one of the most pivotal points in Kathryn's career.


Kathryn is no doubt one of the biggest stars of this generation and it's really amazing to see that she has already made a name for herself at such a young age. We were expecting to see her more recent projects in this list but we were taken to a trip down memory lane instead.

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