Xander Ford, may mensahe para mga bashers niya noon

Betty Bondoc| Posted at 04/10/2017 05:30 AM

Marlou Arizala managed to create online stir once again, this time, under a new name. Hello, Xander Ford!


The former Hasht5 member rose to Internet fame after his boy group's videos went viral in 2015. Thanks to the amount of fans and bashers he gained every day, Marlou had a love-hate relationship with social media ever since.

A couple of weeks ago, news circulated online that Marlou, who has always been ridiculed online due to his looks, is undergoing plastic surgery. Rated K documented Marlou's journey in an exclusive, promising a big reveal in the weeks to come.

Last Sunday, Xander Ford was finally introduced to the world in a record-breaking episode of Rated K. When asked how he feels about his transformation, Marlou Xander shared, "natupad na po yung pangarap ko."

Fans and bashers alike flocked to Twitter making Xander Ford trend worldwide. While many expressed their reaction towards Marlou's transformation, some netizens pointed out the underlying issue of bullying reflective of our society's standard of beauty.

When asked what he has to say to those who bullied him in the past, he joked, "who you na sila ngayon."

Regarding his future plans, Xander shared he wants to return to show business. Marlou previously appeared in Dolce Amore and Home Sweetie Home.

What can you say about Marlou's transformation?



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