The story behind Moira’s “Tagpuan"

Betty Bondoc| Posted at 26/04/2018 07:30 AM

From Youtube covers to TV commercial jingles, you've probably heard Moira long before she started piercing our hearts with Camp Sawi's "Malaya." Though she's been around for quite some time now, even joining Team Apl in the first season of "The Voice of the Philippines," the singer-songwriter didn't become widely known until her breakthrough song, "Malaya," became the official anthem of heartbroken millennials.

Her soulful voice is known to dissect hearts (even children songs like 'Baby Shark') and every song she sang resonated with the audience, earning her the title "the local music scene's Queen of Hugot."

But if you think Moira's songs are all about hugots and heartaches, you have to hear the story behind her latest song, "Tagpuan." Turning heartbreak into hope, this song is sure to hit you right in the feels!


This very same song served as the powerful soundtrack of the latest teaser released by Star Cinema for its upcoming movie, "The Wedding," starring Bea, Paulo and Derek.

Given Moira, we're already expecting a handful of feels and lots of tears in the process. Don't miss Star Cinema's 25th Anniversary offering, Kasal (The Wedding), screening in the Middle East beginning May 24 and in Europe beginning May 26. Click here for the screening schedule.



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