What's your favorite John Lloyd movie line?

Betty Bondoc| Posted at 17/07/2017 12:30 PM

From this awkwardly cute teen to this overly dreamy leading man, we watched John Lloyd Cruz blossom before our very eyes. And with his successful career spanning decades, his filmography is every young actor’s dream. He’s at that point in his career where you can say that if it’s a John Lloyd Cruz movie, then it must be good.

Thanks to his exceptional gift as an actor, he was able to give us such a wide variety of unforgettable characters. No matter the role, you know you’ll get a perfect mix of drama, comedy and kilig. And, whenever the situation calls for it, you’ll hear him say his lines with utter sincerity, the way only John Lloyd knows how.

So, let’s take a trip down memory lane and take a look at some of the most iconic lines John Lloyd Cruz has breathed life into.



Popoy, One More Chance

Of course, there is no way we are not starting with Popoy. One More Chance is such a hit that years after its release, the hype never really died down. The movie is a hugot-heaven that when you try saying just a few words, you’ll find someone else finishing the line for you. It’s really hard to pick just one from the movie but if we have to choose one, this should be it.

Popoy: She loved me at my worst. You had me at my best. At binalewala mo lang lahat yun.

Basha: Popoy, yun ba talaga ang tingin mo? I just made a choice.

Popoy: And you chose to break my heart.



Popoy, A Second Chance

And we’re not done with Popoy just yet. He returned to the big screen years later, this time, a married man, and threw us this line.

“I wanna stop wondering what if. I wanna know what is.” - Popoy



Palits, Close to You

A year before we met Popoy, there was the loyal Palits who was secretly in love with his best friend, Marian/Bru (Bea Alonzo). And while Bru was chasing her first love, Lance (Sam Milby), Palits was there helping her out and silently hurting. Until he couldn’t take it anymore.

Palits: Masyado nang masakit sa dibdib ko yung mga pinaggagagawa mo.

Bru: Hindi mo naman ako matitiis eh.

Palits: Yun na nga masakit eh. Hindi kita matiis.



Ronald, The Trial

Now for a little break from your typical love story, meet Ronald, a man with an intellectual disability whose love was more pure and complete than any other person with normal intellect.

“(Points to head) May kabagalan lang 'to. (Points to heart) Pero ito, buong-buo.”



Noel, In My Life

And for yet another form of love, we have Noel, the very patient lover who’s trying to win over the typical monster-in-law. But, we’ve all got our limits and when it’s time to speak up, you speak up.

Shirley: Anak ko siya. Sa'kin sya nanggaling.

Noel: Hindi mo siya pag-aari! At hindi lang ikaw ang may karapatang magmahal sa kaniya. Hindi lang sa'yo umiikot ang mundo. At hindi titigil 'to kahit na mawala ka pa!



JD, The Mistress

What happens when you accidentally fall in love with your father’s mistress?

“Ang daming dahilan para hindi kita mahalin. Pero may isang dahilan kung bakit hindi ko magawa 'yun. Mahal kita.” - JD



Miggy, A Very Special Love

Okay, enough of the heavy dramas. Let’s go to John Lloyd’s lighter rom-coms. Since his character, Miggy Montenegro, is very serious, ill-tempered and quite unlovable, the lines that left a mark were not really kilig or heartbreaking. But they surely made an impact.

Miggy: (Not very pleased with an artwork) Kahit nga bata kayang gawin ‘to eh! (Tries very hard but could not tear it apart) Laida!

Laida: Yes, sir?

Miggy: Punitin mo ‘yan!



Miggy, You Changed My Life

And when they returned for the sequel, Miggy is now a very cute and, in his brother’s words, “lovesick puppy dog.”

Laida: Nagseselos ka ba?

Miggy: I don't get jealous. I can't be jealous. I've never been jealous. Ngayon lang!



Miggy, It Takes a Man and a Woman

And just when we thought that Laida and Miggy had their happily ever after, they return, once again, just to show us the exact opposite – they’re now bitter exes. But this time, Laida isn’t the sweet and innocent admirer/girlfriend of Miggy anymore. She’s now the fierce ex-turned-colleague who wants nothing to do with him.

Laida: Ano ang kailangan nating gawin para makamit na natin ang kanilang matamis na “oo?”

Miggy: We buy it.

Laida: Binabayaran mo ang “oo” ng nililigawan mo? Parang wala naman akong natanggap na bayad noon?

Miggy: Ako ba nanligaw noon?



Raffy, Finally Found Someone

And now, for the late-bloomers out there, John Lloyd is back as Raffy, a career-driven guy with no idea of romance.

“Lately, napapaisip ako. Is it too late to actually want someone in your life? Pwede pa ba? Pwede pa kaya?” - Raffy

Pwede pa nga kaya?



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