6 Moments in 'Ikaw Lang Ang Iibigin' that made our fragile Kimerald hearts flutter

Betty Bondoc| Posted at 11/10/2017 10:30 AM

All eyes are on Kimerald’s reunion project, Ikaw Lang Ang Iibigin (ILAI), as hopeful fans have been wishing for this to happen for the longest time. And, we are very happy to announce that the ILAI team did not disappoint.

Ikaw Lang Ang Iibigin has been giving wonderful fan service with the amount of Kimerald moments we’ve kept on loop over the course of the show. Here we’ve listed down six of the show’s most kilig moments so make sure to calm your dear hearts before reading on.


1. Before things got serious, Gabriel and Bianca had this palipad-hangin phase

We all know that feeling when we're on the phone with someone we love like but we can't say it outright so we just drop hints all while keeping all the kilig inside. This scene will make you cringe-kilig-cringe-laugh-out-loud in that order.


2. But it's career > love for Bianca so Gabriel throws in the "I will wait" card

Because Bianca is a star athlete, there is a constant pressure on her to avoid anything that will distract her from training -- including love. And instead of giving up or losing heart, Gabriel just assures Bianca that he is very much willing to wait. Awww.


3. So after all of Gabriel’s paandar, they finally make it official

At first, they kill us with cuteness -- Gabriel stuttering and Bianca teasing "ayaw mo ba?" Then they turn serious as they profess their love for each other while holding back tears-- sealing the deal with a kiss. And all the while, we see Kim and Gerald and not Bianca and Gabriel. Especially when Gabriel says, "wala nang iwanan ah" with those puppy eyes ahhh my Kimerald heart.


4. And all of their "mahal kita" sound so heartfelt we can’t even

This scene doesn't need much description but you'll never get tired watching it, promise.


5. Even the usually cliché couple makeover becomes cute

Watch Kim and Gerald's adorable kulitan during this short scene. Now tell me, is it real or is it real?


6. And when there is kilig overload, we have that trusty friend who will tell us “enough is enough”

When Bianca becomes the adorable stage-girlfriend, we were one with Gabriel in his moment of bliss. And while we don't mind them being all lovey-dovey, we all have that one friend who will be brutally honest when things become waaay too cheesy. "Ahh lumalamig yung pagkain. Mamaya na landian."


BONUS: Kim and Gerald on ASAP Supah Dance

Now this is what you call a major throwback!


We've waited 5 long years to see this again! Keep 'em coming ILAI team!

Catch Ikaw Lang Ang Iibigin on TFC and TFC.tv to follow Gabriel and Bianca's quest to the finish line... and for more heart-fluttering Kimerald feels.



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