Discover the Beauty of Paris in Just an Hour!

Dee Apilado| Posted at 09/02/2018 03:30 PM

In the classic movie “Casablanca” Rick Blain said, “We’ll always have Paris.” Indeed, until now we still have Paris. The ‘City love and lights’ is famous not just for its cuisine and art but for its rich culture and iconic landmarks.

I am an eternal tourist in my own city and I can imagine the millions of tourists who visit every year. Three to four days is not enough to explore and discover the beauty of Paris. There are many options to get around, but a more romantic way to get a good overview and see as many landmarks as possible is via the famous Seine River cruise.

River tours are perfect for people who have tight schedules but who also want to have the best of everything at the same time. Truth be told, I am one of those who always squeezes in some time to attend to things. Voila! For only 10€ I tried the ‘Vedettes du Pont Neuf, and decided to take the 5-6pm cruise because there is nothing quite like that final evening glow signaling the end of another day.

The Pitstops

Avenue de New York in the 16th district.

Vedettes du Pont Neuf offers a cruise that can seat up to 350 people with audio commentary guides in English and French. The duration of the ride ranges from an hour to one hour and thirty minutes. Together with the excited 349 people, we started the cruise from Paris’ oldest bridge, the Pont-Neuf down to the Louvre Museum, the Notre dame Cathedral, Place de la Concorde, Musee d’Orsay passing by the Eifell tower, Bastille and back to the departure point.

Pont Neuf (the New Bridge)

Ironic as it may sound, it is the “Oldest standing bridge on the Seine river in Paris” and it is considered as the center of the Parisian theatrical scene in the 1630’s. “When Parisians got an expensive new outfit, they couldn’t resist showing it off by going for a stroll just where they knew it would be seen by the biggest crowd: on “the big stage of the Pont Neuf” (Excerpted from How Paris became Paris : The Invention of the Modern City by Joan DeJean)

Pont de l'Alma

This is known to be the “Most luxurious and elegant bridge in Paris”. Crossing the bridge by foot is like a model in her own element, in her own runway in open air (en plein air). The Pont Alexandre III is more than just a bridge. Indeed, it is one of the most beautiful travel destinations in Paris.

The Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower

Ah, voila! Who could resist this beauty standing in all her glory? Pictures would not give justice to how I feel every time I see her lights sparkle at night. By reading books and articles and by watching videos, I’m pretty sure everyone knows the story of the most famous icon in the world – The Eiffel Tower. Grace à M. Gustave Eiffel!

Beyond the noise and audio commentaries, beyond the technical facts and history of each monument, I found myself in a much deeper and inexplicable relationship with the river. I learned, what was it really like living during their time when everything was plain and simple.

An hour is truly not enough to see the breath-taking sceneries in Paris but it was worth the price. The sunset made the experience entirely worthwhile. C’était vraiment magnifique!  The Seine River cruise in Paris is absolutely a K World Top Pick!

This cruise isn't the only thing you can enjoy in Paris. This March 31, 2018, you may also enjoy Pinoy Fiesta and the fun that comes with it as we bring Kapamilya Fiesta World to Paris, France! Click here for details.

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