Delight your appetite! Dessert here is a must.

Dee Apilado| Posted at 15/02/2018 08:30 AM

For people like me who is always on the go and could hardly sit and have a decent breakfast meal, this quaint coffee shop is the place to be. Muscovado Paris serves breakfast all day long!

Muscovado Restaurant in Paris

Located in the heart of the 11th District of Paris, this simple yet chic coffee shop would not be missed. What makes it more interesting is that two Pinay sisters run this shop. After years of studying and perfecting their skills in pastry and desserts abroad, Quina and Francine Lon decided to finally put up what they can call their own. The shop was named after Muscovado or what we call 'brown sugar' because of their, well-love for sweets.

Save rooms for dessert!


Who would have thought that my love-hate relationship with avocado would just turn into love all along, thanks to their 'Tartine avocat' or better known as avocado toast with salsa verde and feta cheese on top. It is simple, but it is simply good! C'est bon! Their delicious brown bread is homemade and you can even choose the gluten-free version.

Yum, yum, yum!


Their breakfast burrito is top-notch! Served with a side of in-house baked beans (by the sisters’ of course), it’s a do-it-yourself burrito filled with scrambled eggs. The fun part is you can choose four from twelve different fillings—you can add bacon, cheddar cheese, tomato and avocado until it satisfies your own cravings! For only 10€, you will have a tasty and heavy brunch in a decent price.

More sweets ahead!


From cakes to cookies to an impressive strawberry and praline-filled donut, low and behold Muscovado calamansi tart! If you want that sweet yet tangy dessert, then this one is for you! I could not be any prouder knowing that a coffee shop in Paris is serving a dessert made out of our very own Calamansi. Toasted coconuts were added to achieve that perfect mix of sweet and sour taste.

From the cozy and relaxed ambiance to excellent service, Muscovado Paris is really a good choice for people who love brunch anytime of the day!  The place offers a hearty breakfast that comes out a bit of the ordinary. For a very reasonable price, you’ll surely have a whole brunch of fun!

Truly, Muscovado Paris is a Certified K.T.P.!

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