Louvre in Abu Dhabi? Why not!

Danica Landicho| Posted at 10/05/2018 07:50 AM

In every place around the world, there lies a hidden gem. Sometimes the brightest gems are not made of the shiniest stones, but rather, they have been created by the strong yet heartfelt stories. And what better way to showcase a place’s story than to appreciate it through the arts!

Found not only in France, but the Louvre museum in Abu Dhabi is the latest art and civilization museum that is located at Saadiyat Island, Abu Dhabi, UAE. If you want to know more about Abu Dhabi’s rich culture and history while walking through different sections of the art, then this is definitely the right place for you!

Certifed KTP: Louvre Museum, Abu Dhabi

This place was the result of the correspondence between the city of Abu Dhabi and French government to showcase both countries’ cultures. The journey into building this great landmark wasn’t that easy, as it took almost 10 years for international architect Jean Nouvel to finish this museum. Its dimensions comprise to that of the size of 55 room-sized buildings combined, that houses a variety of works of arts and museums.

Certifed KTP: Louvre Museum, Abu Dhabi

What's inside?

There are three different representations of arts in the Louvre, the Museum Galleries, Exhibitions, and Children’s Museum.

1. Museum Galleries

These galleries are composed of twelve different chapters revealing its own stories of history and humanity. The goal is to tell the commonality of different chapters through the ages.

Certifed KTP: Louvre Museum, Abu Dhabi

2. Exhibitions

Witness the history of Abu Dhabi and France through their artistic collaborations!

Certifed KTP: Louvre Museum, Abu Dhabi

3. Children’s Museum

And of course, let history be known as early as possible to the young ones as they learn through interactive workshops that will unleash the artist in them.

Certifed KTP: Louvre Museum, Abu Dhabi

With just 60 AED, you can already visit these galleries. Feel nostalgic as you walk through different forms of art and be awed as to how history reveals itself to you.


The experience inside Louvre is something that should be discovered by anyone in the world. That somewhere, at the very end of the sea, in places wherein you don’t expect it to be, there lies a hidden gem, wealthy not in what you see outside, but with stories of reality and glorious moments, because the true gem is history.


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