La Luna Sangre Finale: Will love trump evil in the end?

Betty Bondoc| Posted at 05/03/2018 03:30 PM

After a strong 36-week run, we have finally reached the end of ‘La Luna Sangre’ – and of the ‘Moonstone’ trilogy. With an opponent who’s becoming more powerful by the day, will Malia and Tristan ever see the end to this war?

After Sandrino takes the second cursed ink from Tristan, he gains immense power even the Punong Bantay or the Imperator don’t stand a chance against him. (Just a thought, will the “pinakamalakas na bampira” Mateo Rodriguez in his prime stand a chance against the Supremo? I guess we’ll never know). What’s more alarming is that even Sandrino himself can’t seem to control his newly acquired power that it’s already taking over him. Sandrino comes face-to-face with his other, more ruthless, being – the one that’s so consumed by hate he plans to wipe out all vampires, werewolves and humans. A fight ensues between evil and less evil Sandrino but this other being overpowers and kills the original Sandrino who eventually disappears into thin air. And now we’re left with a Supremo so evil he puts the original Sandrino, Magnus and Lucas to shame. *shudders*


While Malia, Tristan and the rest of La Liga Unida are out protecting the mortals from the onslaught of the wicked vampires, evil Sandrino locates LLU’s new hideout and takes Lolo Gabriel and Lola Pina. Some LLU members, including Baristo, try to put up a fight but are deemed powerless against the Supremo’s unparalleled strength. “Para kay Malia, kina Mateo at Lia, at sa lahat ng pinatay mo,” Baristo fights ‘til his last breath.

And while we’ve seen plenty of deaths and “sacrifices” on this show, from Mateo, Lia and Tonio to Samantha, Jacintha and Betty, nothing can ever prepare us for Malia’s “farewell” scene with her Tatay Baristo.


Even in the midst of mourning herself, Malia gives out an order to find and save Lolo Gabriel and Lola Pina – whatever it takes. Upon returning to the LLU hideout, Tristan learns about Sandrino’s attack. He starts becoming hysterical asking for the whereabouts of his family while Malia forlornly looks on. Jake relays the news – Apple is safe, Lolo Gabriel and Lola Pina were taken captives, and Baristo is dead. His anger turns to despair as he pulls Malia in for a tight hug.

Evil Sandrino contacts LLU and shows that Lolo Gabriel and Lola Pina are at his mercy. He forces Tristan to choose between his grandparents and the one who makes his heart beat. Obviously conflicted, Tristan repeatedly begs Sandrino to kill him instead. Determined to make Tristan kill Malia, Sandrino pushes his brother further by killing Lola Pina first. Now filled with rage, Tristan holds Malia by her neck while contemplating his next move. Jake, Lucho and Jethro try to stop Tristan but Malia uses her force field to stop the three from intervening.


Tristan ultimately decides not to kill Malia and Lolo Gabriel urges his grandson to not fall into Sandrino’s trap saying, “paghariin mo ang kabutihan,” right before he gets killed. Later on, Lucho asks why Malia stopped them from intervening when Tristan tried to kill her. Malia told them she knows that Tristan will never do such a thing. Lucho probes further, “paano kung nagkamali ka sa pagkakaalam mo at napatay ka niya?” And Malia blurts out, “kung buhay ko ang kapalit para matapos na ang lahat ng ‘to, sige ako na lang.”

Meanwhile, we find out that the original Sandrino wasn’t really killed. Evil Sandrino simply took control over his body and he’s been fighting all the while to get out. Original Sandrino confronts evil Sandrino for killing Lolo Gabriel and Lola Pina.

Falling deeper into her misery, Malia helplessly calls out to the moon, “patawarin niyo ho ako, kung gusto ko na sukuan lahat ngayon.” Malia’s transformation has finally been completed with the last of her powers finally revealed. She heads back to the LLU’s hideout, donning a red cloak reminiscent of Jacintha’s “Lady in Red” costume which seems like a big nod to many fan theories about Jacintha’s real identity.


Outraged by the death of his grandparents, Tristan heads out to find his brother. He goes to Sandrino’s lair and kills every single one of Supremo’s minions he sees. Greta and Soraya reports this to Sandrino but the latter is unalarmed. Stunned by Sandrino’s apathy, Greta turns her back on him while Soraya stays behind. Eager to prove her loyalty to Sandrino, Soraya follows Sandrino’s orders to eliminate Greta. This leads to a standoff between the two. Malia tries to intervene and talk some sense into them. But Soraya resists as she has no plans in returning to LLU. Greta, on the other hand, kills Soraya and accepts Malia’s offer.

As Malia brings in new recruits (Soraya’s old faction and Greta), Jethro sees another alarming vision about the reoccurrence of the “La Luna Sangre.” While LLU gears up for another battle, Tristan realizes that there may be another way to stop this fight. He informs Malia of his decision, to speak with Sandrino as a brother and convince him to stop this war altogether. Malia naturally disagrees but decides to trust Tristan’s decision. (Tatay Tonio would’ve been so proud seeing how Tristan took his advice to heart!)

Tristan calls to set up a meeting with evil Sandrino. The original Sandrino is able to separate himself from evil Sandrino and we learn that he is willing to meet and talk it out with Tristan. But, evil Sandrino won’t let that happen, of course.


LLU finalizes their strategy – Tristan will be given enough time to talk to Sandrino while Malia and the others are on standby, ready to attack any moment Tristan needs their help. Right before Tristan leaves, he hands over the fang of the First Werewolf to Malia. Knowing full well what it means, she declines and tells Tristan she can protect herself. But, Tristan insists she take it as he doesn’t know if he’ll be able to convince his brother. (My heart!)

Tristan finally meets with evil Sandrino. And, with the original Sanrdino locked up inside him, their meeting naturally turns into a battle. LLU needed to change their battle strategy as they find out Sandrino’s plan to wipe out the human race has already begun. Malia sends the rest of the werewolves and vampires to protect the mortals leaving just her and Tristan to face the Supremo.

With our two heroes severely injured, it seems like all hope is lost until we get to see the all too familiar force that usually sends Malia and Tristan flying whenever they try to hold hands. They use this powerful force to defeat Sandrino once and for all.


In the end, love prevails over evil. Malia and Tristan showed us that their love is truly a powerful force, a fitting ending to a story that has been championing love above all. This message has been consistent since the beginning of the series (and even the trilogy), starting from Mateo and Lia’s sacrifice to save the young Malia to the many others who risked their lives to help fulfill her destiny. Protecting Malia may have seemed to be the focal point of the story but the ultimate goal was to protect mankind. There’s also Malia’s refusal to brand Tristan as her enemy, looking past the prophecy and believing in the power of their love. And finally, Tristan’s ultimate act of love – to accept and forgive the one who killed his own family – saved Sandrino from himself and was a pivotal moment in the story. Because while it’s easy to let hate consume us, it is never the answer.

In case you missed the finale, you can always relive all the action on TFC Online! Click here to watch all 185 episodes of La Luna Sangre.



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