Learn more about Toni and Piolo’s most-awaited reunion movie, Last Night


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Ever since Ginny asked Marco, “how do I un-love you?” and Marco replied, “Honestly, hindi ko alam. Kasi para sa’kin, I can never un-love you, Ginny. I just love you in a different way now,” at the end of the film 'Starting Over Again,' we stopped believing in love have been wanting a reunion project for Piolo Pascual and Toni Gonzaga. Half of us (including Toni) wanted this reunion because we want to see Ginny end up with Marco -- even in an alternate universe. Half of us were satisfied with the ending but just love seeing them act together because, even though we know that they will never be together in real life, their chemistry is truly undeniable.

So, when we learned about Star Cinema’s latest movie, ‘Last Night,’ we couldn’t be happier. But aside from this being a dream come true for Marco-Ginny shippers, there are a couple of other reasons why ‘Last Night’ is a must-watch movie.

In the film’s “The Making” video (above), Piolo, Toni, Bela, and Direk Joyce shared bits and pieces about the journey of the two main characters and the lessons we can take home after watching the movie.


What is the meaning of life?

This is a common question we hear all throughout our lives. And while the movie doesn’t promise to answer this question for us, it is expected to help us see things in a different light.

Last Night’ is about the journey of two people who found each other in the lowest points of their lives. From the trailer, it seemed as if Mark (Piolo Pascual) and Carmina (Toni Gonzaga) are strangers who were (individually) planning on ending their lives and decided to spend their ‘last night’ together. And while the trailer didn’t give us any other hints, it seemed apparent that the movie will touch on the sensitive topic of suicide. But, the team implied that the film will take a positive direction with Piolo and Toni explaining, “There are many ways to die. There can be one reason to live. And that's enough for you to go on.”


The Other Side of Bela Padilla

We’ve known Bela as a pretty face, as a good actress, as someone who’s great at being in front of the camera. This time around, she’s working behind the camera as a writer to show us a very different side of her.

Bela explained how meaningful this project is for her. The actress and writer shared, “Ang laking honor na yung script mo, na sinulat mo from scratch, na hindi ko nga alam kung may magpoproduce at all, tapos ang nagproduce pa Star Cinema, ang nag-direct pa Direk Joyce, ang artista ko pa Piolo and Toni. Parang, ‘di ba, what more can you ask for?”


The (Love) Story

Bela explains the lesson behind the story, “We want to give people hope. When there's darkness, there's light. There will always be love. Gusto ko makita ng mga tao na lahat ng problema natin seryoso in equal ways. Ito yung binigay sa'tin. Ito yung kaya natin.

Direk Joyce also shared that she really saw this film as a love story, “Paano ka ba mai-in love kung ayaw mo na talagang mabuhay?” That’s an interesting way to put it. Is it possible to fall in love when you’ve lost your will to live?

Last Night is screening in Europe starting October 7. 



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