A very intimidating John Lloyd pulls a prank on Sarah G

Betty Bondoc| Posted at 27/07/2017 07:30 AM

In an episode of Gandang Gabi Vice, we were reminded just how great of an actor John Lloyd is. Vice Ganda gave him a task to prank Sarah G and three bloggers during a presscon for their movie Finally Found Someone by having extreme mood swings.


John Lloyd didn’t need a lot of warming up because as soon as the interview started, he was already making everyone uncomfortable with his sour mood and weird answers, laughing condescendingly in between.

Sarah felt the discomfort of the bloggers and asked one of them if he is okay as he seemed tense. The blogger, though obviously anxious, politely laughed it off saying that he was okay and the room was just cold. A very intimidating John Lloyd then asked the staff to adjust the temperature of the air-conditioning unit saying sarcastically that "your comfort is our top priority here." Not very comforting, eh?


John Lloyd continued picking on the bloggers saying that they're just wasting time because the questions are just recycled. Everyone was #shookt. Kudos to blogger MJ De Leon who stood his ground and defended their line of questioning because if I was there and John Lloyd was being all Miggy Montenegro to me, I would've just cried.


Watch how this intimidating stand-off ended as John Lloyd revealed that this is all part of a prank.


That was some intense acting! Where do I sign up for John Lloyd Cruz School of Acting?

Finally Found Someone is screening in EMEA starting August 3. Click here for the screening schedule.a



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