Here’s a spoiler-free review of ‘My Perfect You’

Betty Bondoc| Posted at 27/03/2018 03:30 AM

Still undecided whether or not “My Perfect You” is worth a trip to the movie house? Here's a quick spoiler-free review to help you decide.

While a story of a burnt out city guy finding "solitude" and love in a remote province is not really new, I can boldly say that "My Perfect You" is very far from your typical romantic comedy. Cathy Garcia-Molina has helmed several blockbuster rom-coms in her celebrated career but this flick tackles a timely issue that sets it far apart from the rest of her works.

Gerald Anderson plays the role of Burn, a man who has had enough after a series of heartbreaks and rejections. While this is nothing for an actor of his caliber, Burn's backstory and circumstances seemed to push Gerald’s acting further — in a way we've never seen before.

Pia Wurtzbach, on the other hand, is such a revelation. Direk Cathy was right when she said that the child star-turned-beauty queen-turned-actress can make you laugh (even comparing her with Toni Gonzaga) because she definitely made a whole cinema giggle with her quirky antics as the eccentric resort owner, Abi. She was also a natural during the heavier scenes. An actress in her own right, Pia slayed her role the way she slayed the Ms. U stage.

Without spoiling anything, the plot twist everyone has been raving about is so major major, it made our confidently beautiful hearts skip a beat or two. While the opening was adorably cute and funny, the middle part became a tad cringy especially for those allergic to mushy love stories. But once you reach the climax of the film, you'll understand why they had to happen. Direk Cathy did a brilliant job in creating a narrative so seamless, you'll have several aha moments towards the end.

“My Perfect You” is a movie that helps us appreciate the beauty of life, no matter how imperfect and harsh our realities may be. Because let's be honest, we'd take real over perfect any day.

Now, I'll have to stop here because I'm *this* close to revealing some crucial info about the movie that will spoil the whole experience for you. Trust me when I say that it's better to watch the film without knowing much because the aha moments in the end will definitely give you a better appreciation of "My Perfect You."

Screening in the Middle East beginning March 29, catch "My Perfect You" in theaters near you. Click here for the screening schedule.



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