How to look this beautiful without make-up? Ask Nadine.

Admin| Posted at 04/10/2017 10:30 AM

Nadine Lustre sure knows how to make a grand entrance even with just her bare face.

Imagine you're going to an important engagement but, for whatever reason (you overslept, you got stuck in a traffic jam, your dog ate your homework), you're running late and haven't put on your make-up yet. What would you do? If you're Nadine Lustre, you do nothing. And, she did just that last Monday.

During the opening of last Monday's episode of ‘It's Showtime,’ Billy noticed Nadine's arrival mid-spiel and exclaimed, "Uy Nadine Lustre, nandito rin! Umabot!"

While Nadine was greeting the madlang people, Vice noticed that the actress has absolutely no make-up on and waged a war against her, "Teka nga maghihilamos lang ako. Lalabanan ko 'to eh."

Watch the hilarious encounter below.


How to be you po, Ate Nads?



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