5 Pinoy Movies for the Wandering Soul

Betty Bondoc| Posted at 03/02/2018 01:30 AM

Soul-searching is a common theme for millennials -- be it the twenty-somethings who are experiencing early/late quarter-life crisis or the thirty-somethings who thought they'll figure things out eventually but are still as confused as ever. Tiring work routines, unpursued dreams, broken hearts, these are just some of the things that haunt our tattered not-so-young hearts every single day. Exhausted, confused, or broken, here are 5 Pinoy movies that can surely touch your soul-searching hearts.


1. Forever and a Day

Tired and fed up? Go on an extreme adventure.


While the movie's focal point is fighting for a love that's not supposed to last, Forever and a Day was also about Eugene, an accomplished city boy who wanted an escape from his problems at work. He decides to take a break from his fast-paced life by going miles away from home and trying out a handful of extreme sports and death-defying activities -- falling in love included.

Soul-searching = Finding your Biggest Adventure


2. You're My Boss

Trying to be strong despite feeling miserable? Take a step back and breathe.


When you're a strong independent woman, people will think that you have everything going perfectly in your life. And because you can do everything well, you don't need help anymore, right? Wrong! Take Georgina for example -- our smart, talented and bossy alpha female who worked hard all her life to get to where she is but lost herself in the process. One thing led to another and she found herself in the humble and peaceful place of Batanes. Suddenly disconnected to everything else, Georgina suddenly has all the time in the world to just enjoy life and find a little of herself again. Watch You're My Boss on TFC.tv!

Soul-searching = Finding yourself


3. The Achy Breaky Hearts

Growing old and still single? Enjoy it.


Societal pressure makes us feel bad about ourselves. With her biological clock ticking, everyone is asking about Chinggay's plans for marriage. But she has one problem, she doesn't have a boyfriend. She was chasing after love so earnestly and the moment she decides to stop and focus on loving herself (not in the creepy selfish way), she finds true peace and happiness. Watch The Achy Breaky Hearts on TFC.tv!

Soul-searching = Loving yourself


4. That Thing Called Tadhana

Broken-hearted? Go to Sagada.


Maybe it's not broken dreams that haunt you but broken promises? Follow Mace's journey to healing in the most unconventional way -- by going on an unplanned trip with a total stranger to find the place where broken hearts go. The whole trip seemed pointless and the process ineffective but if there's one thing this film taught us it's this: you can move on. We can't say exactly how or when but it's possible so just hang in there, buddy!
Watch That Thing Called Tadhana on TFC.tv!

Soul-searching = Healing


5. Dear Other Self

At a crossroads? Listen to your heart.


What if you are given a rare opportunity to see two sets of lives depending on the decisions you currently make? Resign or get promoted? Help your family or travel the world? Which one will you choose? Or, the more appropriate question, how will you choose? The perfect millennial movie for our soul-searching hearts, watch Dear Other Self on TFC.tv!


We may not know exactly where you are right now in your journey to self-discovery but we are rooting for you!



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