Meet Lucky, your Resident Ktizen from the Philippines!

Admin| Posted at 05/12/2017 02:30 AM

Stage Name: Lucky Mercado
Full Name: Lucky Mark Mercado
Nickname: Lucky, LM 
Birthday: October 7
Hometown: Mandaluyong City
Current Location: Mandaluyong City 

Favorite Food:
Shrimp Shrimp Shrimp specially with Gata!!

Favorite Travel Destination:
I always Love pangasinan “Bolinao” my hide out when I want to relax and be wasted at the same time hehehehe peace! 

Gadget you can’t live without:
My Phone and SPEAKERS. Music is LIFE.

Usual OOTD:
T-shirt, Shorts and of course don't forget the WATCH! Always.

Beauty Regimen:
My secret? Keep Smiling.

Boxing playing basketball, movies and vlogging specially when I travel. 

Favorite Movie Quote: 
"I don’t have friends, I got FAMILY." - Dominic Toretto, Furios 7 (goosebumps hehehe)

Favorite Movie:
KINGSMAN! 1 and 2 hehehe

Favorite TV Show: 
LUCIFER super love that show the writer’s playful mind is AWESOME!

Favorite Book:
Dictionary??? Hmmm not a book person eh hehehe..

Ultimate Celebrity Crush:
Heart Evangelista...Mercado.. charot!

Kapamilya Celebrity Crush:
Liza Soberano, Jasmin Curtis-Smith

Greatest Fear:
Ayoko ng masikip! Literally i have fear of small spaces I don’t know why.. phobia yata yun ..  

Alin ang nauna, manok o itlog? Explain. 
Of course manok sino maglilimlim ng itlog kung walang manok.. alangan naman ako?? Busy ako..

Unang sasabihin mo pag nakita mo si Ex:
WHY??? Bakit ka pa nagpakita??? Tapos puro bleep na.. char! 

Facebook: LM Mercado
Instagram: @lm_mercado_
Twitter: @Lucky_mark



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