4 Awesome Single Moms Who Are Super In Every Way

Betty Bondoc| Posted at 12/05/2017 05:30 AM

"Ma, san nakalagay yung (insert everything you own here) ko?"

"Ma, bakit 'di ako crush ng crush ko?"

"Ma, anong ulam?"

Most of us go to our moms for almost everything. From clingy toddlers to moody teenagers to confused adults, our moms had to deal with all sorts of headache in order to raise us to become the best version of ourselves. And, while we celebrate all kinds of moms (both traditional and non-traditional mother figures), we would like to take this moment to appreciate single moms. Because if you think motherhood is hard, try doing it alone.

Here are some of the bravest and most beautiful single moms who juggle the equally chaotic worlds of motherhood and showbusiness.


1. Jodi Sta. Maria

Separated at 27, the former 'Tabing Ilog' star didn't know how to start over after her separation from husband of five years, even admitting that she turned to alcohol and drugs to try to ease the pain of her failed marriage. But not all hope is lost and Jodi proved that she can turn things around. She started picking herself up and focused her attention on her career and her son, Thirdy.

Two hit shows (Be Careful With My Heart | Pangako Sa'yo) and one blockbuster movie (The Achy Breaky Hearts) later, it seems like Jodi is just getting started. You can now catch her on the big screen with Star Cinema's latest movie offer, Dear Other Self.


2. Sunshine Cruz

Single motherhood taught her to stand on her own feet. The Wildflower star admitted that she has been dependent to people around her all her life -- to her mom when she was younger and to ex-husband Cesar Montano during their 13 years as a married couple. From being the dependent daughter and wife, she becomes the independent single mom left with the task to raise her three beautiful sisters daughters - Angeline, Samantha, and Angel - alone.

Almost 4 years since her life of independence, the actress reached another important milestone by finally receiving her college degree.


3. Karla Estrada

Having to raise 4 kids (with different fathers) alone, the former 'That's Entertainment' star didn't have time to sulk or mind her bashers. "Wala akong room para mag-drama," she said in one interview. She had to work non-stop while raising 4 kids -- Daniel, JC, Magui and Carmella -- two tasks that are equally challenging physically and emotionally which she passed with flying colors. One look at their close-knit family and you'll know how great of a job Karla did all these years. She has raised all of them well and we see how her eldest son, matinee idol Daniel Padilla, always comes to her rescue.

A star in her own right, this super momshie continues to inspire and brighten our mornings in Magandang Buhay.

4. Marietta Subong (Pokwang)

Aside from the challenges of single motherhood, Pokwang also dealt with the pain of losing a child. She lost her first child to brain tumor, something she regrets even more as she wasn't by his side when he passed away. This ordeal made the I Can Do That star cherish her daughter, Mae, even more -- singlehandedly raising her with love and providing for her all these years.


My baby for life..... ❤️😎 @maesubong

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And all those years of being alone are now a thing of the past as Pokwang is currently happy and in love with boyfriend and EDSA Woolworth co-star Lee O'brien. The happy couple are set to get married soon.

If you are raised by an awesome single mom, do us a favor and give her a hug. Happy mother's day to all supermoms!



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