Sandrino makes Tristan choose between Malia and his grandparents

Betty Bondoc| Posted at 26/02/2018 07:30 PM

It’s the final week of La Luna Sangre and while we don’t want this show to end, we also cannot wait to see how everything will unfold as we near “The Apocalypse.” By now, most of the biggest revelations of the show have been exposed – Tristan’s true mission, Sandrino’s second persona, and Malia & Tristan’s still existing “connection.”

With Sandrino acquiring the two cursed inks, Tristan and Malia don’t stand a chance against him. What’s more disturbing is that Sandrino’s “second persona” (the one we see when he uses his power of illusion – yes, the one he used to kill Mateo and Lia during the pilot week) suddenly became a separate entity with a life of its own. This second Sandrino is so evil he puts the original Sandrino to shame. Evil Sandrino feeds original Sandrino with more hate reminding him about how this world has forsaken him. This confrontation where bad meets evil leads to a fight which ended with evil Sandrino killing the original Sandrino. If, in the past, we saw signs of original Sandrino wavering (with his soft spot for Jacintha and Tristan), we’re now left with evil Sandrino who’s totally consumed by hate and devoid of any feelings. Good = 0; Evil = 1.

Original Sandrino vs Evil Sandrino

Thankfully, Malia and Tristan’s strange connection still exists. We don’t exactly know how this will help but we’re pretty sure it’s going to be a game changer. Good = 1; Evil = 1.

However, evil Sandrino holds Lolo Gabriel and Lola Pina hostage and drops a bomb that shook our Monday night:

“Maglaro tayo. Makakasama mo sila ulit pero patayin mo sa harap ko ang babaeng nagpapatibok ng puso mo.”

And as the episode closed, we’re left with this last picture: a rage-filled Tristan holding Malia by her neck with Lucho, Jake and Jethro helplessly trying to break through a force field. Good = 1; Evil = 2?

With this cliffhanger, I don’t know who is more heartless— evil Sandrino or La Luna Sangre’s production team. Will this new development make Tristan go back to his original mission of annihilating all immortals (himself and Malia included)?

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