25% Discount on Selected PPV Content on TFC-IPTV Promo

EMEA Admin| Posted at 30/03/2021 09:17 AM

1. The “25% Discount on Selected Pay-per-View (PPV) Content on TFC-IPTV Promo” is a promotional offer of ABS-CBN Europe Ltd. and ABS-CBN Spain SLU (collectively, “ABS-CBN”) to provide twenty-five (25%) percent discount on selected Pay-per-View content available on TFC-IPTV to eligible customers who will purchase or avail of such Pay-per-View content (the “Promo”).

2. The Promo Period is from 16 January 2021 to 31 March 2021 only.

3. The Promo is available to ABS-CBN customers who are of legal age, residing in Europe, and with an active TFC IPTV Package subscription during the duration of the Promo Period (the “Customer/s”).

4. Under this Promo, the 25% discount on the regular rate of selected Pay-per-View content on TFC-IPTV shall be applied upon purchase by Customers of any of the eligible titles/content. ABS-CBN reserves the right to determine in its sole discretion the eligible titles/content included in this Promo.

5. For Pay-per-View content on TFC-IPTV which are not included in this Promo, they will be offered at regular prices and no discount is available upon purchase.

6. To avail of the Promo, Customers must do the following:

a.Go to the TFC main menu

b. On the main menu, click ‘Shows & Movies for Rent’ category

c. Click and select the eligible titles (included in the Promo) and the details (price, duration, availability) will be displayed. *Price varies depending on the movie title and the discounted price will be displayed*

d. Press the colored button on your remote for the action you wish to perform:

          1. [Yellow] to watch preview/trailer

          2. [Green] to rent the movie and watch now

          3. [Red] to go back to the Pay-Per View page

e. Upon successful purchase,

          1. For POST-PAID subscribers: The discounted amount shall be charged to the Customer’s credit card associated with the IPTV subscription.

          2. For PRE-PAID subscribers: The discounted amount shall be deducted from the Customer’s KBO Wallet Credits.

f. The page will refresh to reflect Customer’s entitlement information.

g. Press on the green button to watch the movie.

7. Customers may avail of the Promo only during the Promo Period. This Promo cannot be combined or applied with any other existing promotion, offer or discount.

8. In case Customer has any question about the Promo, Customer may contact the Customer Support Hotline.

9. ABS-CBN reserves the right, at its sole discretion to cancel, modify, withdraw or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, the Promo with or without prior notice to Customer for any reason whatsoever or any other problems beyond the control of ABS-CBN.  Any such cancellation, modification or suspension may be done by ABS-CBN without notice and without incurring any liability whatsoever.

10. Customer warrants that he/she has voluntarily availed of the Promo, and agrees and acknowledges that ABS-CBN and its subsidiaries and affiliates (“ABS-CBN Group”’) shall not be liable for, and that Customer shall hold ABS-CBN and the ABS-CBN Group free and harmless from any loss, claim, suit, proceedings or damage in connection with the Customer’s participation in, or availment of, the Promo.

11. The Promo shall be governed by the laws of United Kingdom. Those who are eligible to enjoy the Promo agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of United Kingdom.



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